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Counter-Strike 2 review

Posted : 3 months, 3 weeks ago on 28 January 2024 01:43 (A review of Counter-Strike 2)

Can only do 5v5 max in a server now, what the hell?! Disappointing that this game seems specifically designed for competitive gaming. At least put a casual/custom mode in where we can have goofy fun with Counter-Strike, like all of the previous iterations. Went from being a #1 LAN game to a wet fart! Maybe an update will change this, someday...

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The PCU Falls Flat

Posted : 7 months ago on 23 October 2023 06:44 (A review of The Fall of the House of Usher)

Edgar Allan Poe's iconic works of horror have been seemingly very difficult to translate to the screen successfully, and this miniseries is another entry to the list of failures. Why can't we have a solid 1-to-1 adaptation?

At least to this viewer, the overall sense of boredom I experienced could be compared to the crushing loneliness felt by most of Poe's characters. A good portion of the series takes place in the decaying Usher home on a cul-de-sac in Suburbia, USA, with much of it framed as a confession by the Usher patriarch Roderick to the longtime private investigator C. Augustine Dupin on a pair of oversized leather chairs facing across from one another. Are you still awake, or did even reading that sentence put you to sleep? In flashbacks as Roderick tells his tale, we see the downfall of his family which includes his five children of various mothers and one twin sister. I cannot say that anything surprising happens, in fact it's all very telegraphed from the start.

It was perhaps a clever idea to craft a Poe Cinematic Universe, but I do not think as a whole that the entire project panned out to anything worthwhile. The speeches each of the primary characters give are incredibly long-winded and vapid, and we're not given any reason to care for any of the Ushers. Frequently, the scenes linger on for far too long. This miniseries could have benefited from either having 42-minute episodes, or having 2 less episodes, to cut to the meat of the story. I also am not sure how well the many flashbacks worked for the series, and to be frank I did not believe the Young Roderick's arch to get to the Old Roderick. All of the Usher children had a holier-than-thou mentality and I don't think any of the actors played their power dynamic with any interesting flair or unique touch. Some of them are LGBTQ+, some of them are BIPOC, all of them are kinky, all of them are vile.

Some spoilers: I liked the character of Verna, but the speech she gave to Lenore in the last episode seemed so corny and out of character. Verna is a demon, or Death personified, and finds it so interesting to give a deal with eventual killers via their pharmaceuticals. She is impressed at how many millions the Ushers have killed through their pills. But then she tells Lenore how many millions of lives her mom will save. If she can see into the future, like she says, she knows that her deal with the Ushers would kill millions. Why would she give a crap about Lenore's mom saving lives? Why would she care at all about Lenore? Is this supposed to humanize Verna? Is the series trying to humanize Death? Verna doesn't care about anyone else, in fact she doesn't seem to care at all. Such a lame turn of events. Additionally, the big self-aggrandizing speech at the end from Madeline Usher made me roll my eyes -- lots of blame pointed at The Consumer in this series. "C'mon, Roddy, we're gonna go down swinging until the very end!" Aww, such go-getters! And I called it right when it happened in the first episode: when Augustine mentions he has an informant inside the family that he needs to protect the identity of, but has the judge/stenographer strike that from the record, OF COURSE it was a bluff!! I cannot believe THAT got the family to tear each other apart. We find out near the end that there was no informant. Wow, really?

You would think that me, a fan of Poe and someone that believes that being a billionaire is not only immoral but should be illegal, would love a show like this depicting the bloody downfall of the rich and powerful. But this attempted adaptation of these iconic horror works into a Poe Cinematic Universe falls flat.

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Talkin' Disco Elysium

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 22 July 2022 09:07 (A review of Disco Elysium)

Incredible game, unlike anything I've experienced before--you are a detective suffering from potentially self-imposed amnesia in an unfamiliar world, and in this RPG, your traits are parts of your brain that interrupt your internal narrative, as you seek to get to the bottom of a murder. One of the few games I have played through more than once! Wild and compelling dialogue, insightful and painfully funny--a lot of reading, this is an experience which rewards thoroughness and embraces the weird.

One of the greatest games ever made!!

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Washington D.C.: Vice

Posted : 5 years, 3 months ago on 5 February 2019 06:15 (A review of Vice)

To me, I enjoyed seeing this perspective, after living through the Dubya era of America. There was a reasoning you could see going on behind Christian Bale's eyes that felt very real. He is really the reason to see the movie. He transformed into Dick Cheney. Not something most people would do willingly.

All that being said, I wondered really what purpose this movie serves. No right-winger that watches this will think Cheney was treated fairly, even though he was shown with some heart and a tenderness. And no left-winger that watches it will think that Cheney had any good reason to do what he did.

The purpose I came up with, is that it was a pretty good summary of the prequel to today's American politics-gone-mad. We thought things were crazy back then--how naive! But other than that, and Bale's performance, I'm not sure there's much else to pull.

If you liked McKay's The Big Short, you'll probably enjoy this, as I did! Just make sure you get more popcorn, because there's not much else to chew on with this film!

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Red Beard Redemption

Posted : 5 years, 3 months ago on 5 February 2019 05:58 (A review of Red Beard)

As a fan of Kurosawa prior to seeing it in 35mm (to my surprise!), I went in with high expectations and the film delivers on many occasions. The pace is meditative and methodical, as it weaves and foreshadows, following Dr. Yasumoto through his first assignment in a tough, under-funded clinic for the impoverished. His journey is earned, and while the film is three hours long, I felt intrigued by the subplots and storytelling style. I must admit, I did get a little confused at parts with a specific subplot, but that was resolved by reviewing with my comrades.

I very much appreciated the attention to detail, and what seemed to be an authentic look at what a doctor would do in that time and place. But what really compelled me to keep watching was Toshiro Mifune as Red Beard. He goes by Red Beard, because he says his name is too hard to pronounce--Kyojo Niide. It is a well-written introduction to that character, and how he relates to Dr. Yasumoto, played by Yuzo Kayama.

There is a big surprise before the Intermission that I was not expecting, and it was handled well. I was also struck by some of the scenes with Otoyo, who--without spoiling anything--ends up in the clinic. True cinematic magic.

Doubtless, this is a somber piece, but with a shining heart that triumphs in ways which might not be expected. Perhaps not the perfect introduction to Kurosawa, but it packs a sometimes brutal punch, so maybe it is...

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Unsettling and strangely effective

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 18 November 2018 05:53 (A review of A Field in England)

Director Ben Wheatley and writer Amy Jump are doing something very unique here, something I haven't ever seen before, and take some filmmaking risks that ultimately pay off for a movie that is straightforward and yet deeply difficult to describe in detail. A black and white film set some time in the 1640's in the English countryside, we follow four deserters of their country's civil war who leave the battle behind and choose to seek respite at a pub across a field. Ingrained with superstition, fairy tales and folklore, their simple trip turns sharply strange, leaving the viewer disoriented in a constant state of unknowing, questioning the reality of the situation and feeling as helpless as the characters. I was impressed by the acting of each of the main characters, but particularly stunned by Reece Shearsmith as Whitehead. Powerful images, haunting scenes, and a brilliant soundtrack make this clever low budget folk horror movie stand out as a triumph of modern cinema. 

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for a Good Time...

Posted : 6 years, 8 months ago on 18 September 2017 07:24 (A review of Good Time)

Easily 2017's best film thus far--if you are lucky enough to catch it on the big screen, you'll be in for a visual, frenetic treat that trips you up every time you think you know where you are being lead. Robert Pattinson is mesmerizing and unrecognizable, as he fully immerses himself as Connie, but I was most surprised by Ben Safdie's performance as Connie's brother--and the thick, wild arpeggios of the synth score. This film feels alive, and I look forward to seeing it again.

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Posted : 9 years, 3 months ago on 2 February 2015 06:25 (A review of The Long Dark)


By far the best Early Access Steam game I've ever played. This game is gorgeous, and simply exploring the vast expanse of Canadian wilderness becomes a main driving point as every new cabin or site you discover is like some sort of picturesque painting. I've amassed a considerable screenshot collection, utilizing the handy HD Screenshot (Hud Disabled) hotkey. The beauty is enchanting, but also deadly--which is another great aspect of this game. No zombies or otherworldly threat. Just nature's bites--the cold and the wolves. Those damn wolves...

Surviving is a great challenge in either starting point, making each decision important since it is life or death with every hour that passes. A lot of games tout "Survival" as a selling point, but none have managed to really be an enjoyable experience to me until I played The Long Dark. I think the dev team have managed to strike a near-perfect balance of challenge and reward. Note that I've only played this on the standard diffuclty level--I've heard that the hardest difficulty adds more wolves... I'm confident they will change that and challenge the player some other way, as the wolves are notorious pricks in this game. Like I mentioned, however, I think standard strikes a great balance and has been a lot of fun.

Be aware that there is currently no narrative story mode--Sandbox mode alone is worth the price during a sale. Throughout the play, you'll encounter hints as to what the story may be... I've had a lot of fun with the minimalism of it all, and to see that sense of mystery last so long is impressive. I still haven't explored every last bit of the lands yet, and now they are going to double the size of the explorable terrain! So, I'll just leave off with that--I'm impressed with this game!!

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A Plague of Bugs

Posted : 10 years, 8 months ago on 29 September 2013 06:31 (A review of Dead Island: Riptide)

I didn't even really like the first one, but the co-op is a hell of a fun time, so I figured I'd give this one a shot, too. Got to Chapter 3 with a friend online, had to retire for the evening, and have not been able to join each other's room since.

"Connection to the game you have tried to join could not be established."

The story is bland, and much shorter than the original. The characters are two-dimensional and uninteresting. The villain is unbelievably ridiculous. And while the graphics do look stunning, if you take a closer look at pretty much anything, you start to see shoddiness--some static props are floating, flowers don't blow in the wind, etc. Really, the only thing going for this game was the co-op gameplay. The actual fighting of zombies is a challenge and feels like a life-or-death situation, no matter how pimped-out your weapons are. It's very intense and enjoyable. If only the programming bugs would let me get to that point. I'm just fortunate that I experienced these issues before buying the game, thanks to a free weekend of Steam. This headache is not worth money.

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Shiny game, despite the hoops

Posted : 10 years, 12 months ago on 28 May 2013 05:24 (A review of Battlefield 3)

Ahh, EA. Where to start? Oh, I know. I only own this game because I bought SimCity during its chaotic release week, and for putting up with that debacle (as if I had a choice), I was rewarded with an already-finished game that actually works—in theory.

“We have lost the objective. We have lost the objective! I REPEAT, WE HAVE LOST THE OBJECTIVE!”

I’ll give you a quick backstory of my history with the Battlefield franchise: I loved BF: 1942, liked BF: Vietnam less, and BF:2 would not even function properly on my PC thanks to copy protection and whatever other opening-week nonsense that was happening those years ago. So, given my experience with SimCity and earning a free game for it, I figured I’d give the series another go. Straight away, the game tells me it requires Origin to be played. Well, that’s fine, I already installed EA’s inbred cousin of VALVe’s Steam. I get the game downloaded and patched and ready to play, and click the game in Origin, and it launches my web browser. Wha?

“Um, I just wanted to, uh, confirm that the sighting of the tank is, uh, true, over.”

So, the web browser opens with no explanation or tutorial of its UI or how to actually join a server, so I just click the big “Quick Play” button and wait. This causes Origin to pop up and “sync” the two web services, which makes me wonder: why on Earth do I need to use Origin to do this? Or, alternatively, why couldn’t this game—which requires Origin—actually use Origin to, oh I don’t know, allow me to join my friend’s game, form a group, or simply join a server? The game executable opens in a window, and, if given a chance, will sometimes remain minimized for hours while I get distracted by the internet—diverting gaming hours into the endless nothings of online browsing.

“The enemy has taken all the objectives, I repeat, the enemy has taken ALL the objectives, what the FUCK are we going to do about this, guys?’”

Admittedly, part of that is my problem. But only part! Forgive me for expecting a AAA-title to have it’s own server client UI in-game that doesn’t require me to download a plug-in for my web browser, let alone have a web browser. I just don’t see why Origin couldn’t have handled that, or the game executable itself. OK, this review gets better, just hold on.

“Be advised, we have taken the objective.”

The game, once I finally got into it, was quite confusing—you get dropped into the thick of it with some puny starting weapons and no instructions. Meanwhile, your enemies have been mastering the maps over the course of years, hiding behind a specific bush or spying and killing you through a crack in some distant concrete wall. But this is nothing but a pittance—once the adrenaline starts flowing, you start running around, shooting your friends and figuring out which people are enemies, and the game starts to entertain. Massively.

“Uh, I just spotted an enemy tank; he’s a big fucker, over.”

The respawning system is ingenious. The maps are expansive and varied, with interesting things to do and see in each of them. The weapons and their upgrades are very fun to customize and unlock. However, it’s frustrating to use weapons in co-op that are unavailable online—even to unlock—without paying an extra $20. I find that to be offensive, especially in this multiplayer-centric game, but the weapons they do have available seem more than adequate to counter the more advanced, cooler weapons. It is a fun game, but I don’t see what will keep me interested beyond the tried-and-tired Call of Duty: Modern Warfare unlock system. All-in-all, it seems as if DICE has made a good, solid game that EA has bogged down with their typical anti-consumer policies.

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It's been nice to see a few people (like you) digging this list recently. I agree with you that the editing on Louis C.K.'s show is really excellent. If you get around to watching "Hannah and Her Sisters", I hope you like it!
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